WAD Capital is dedicated to identifying and investing in European micro-cap SMEs with an EBITDA of €1-5 million, particularly in industries influenced by macro trends such as aging demographics, energy transition, digitisation, and sustainable technologies.
WAD Capital supports entrepreneurs through a comprehensive CEO cohort model, which includes providing necessary capital, mentorship, and access to a strategic network of industry experts to drive successful acquisitions and business growth.
WAD Capital operates a series of closed-end fund aimed at achieving long-term growth by utilising a disciplined investment strategy, focusing on technological innovation and ESG principles to enhance the value of our portfolio companies. Each fund is organised around a specific geography and a cohort of 10 CEO candidates.
Our CARE-PROFIT model surpasses traditional ESG frameworks by integrating clear metrics, balancing financial performance with long-term sustainable growth, and ensuring adaptability across various industries and company sizes.
We have a detailed recruitment process that starts with a pool of 500 mid-career executives and narrows down through automated screening, an assessment center experience, and deep-dive investment analysis to select 10 CEOs who align with our commitment and strategic vision.
CARE-PROFIT stands for our commitment to ethical practices and profitability, offering a balanced and pragmatic approach to business operations. This model aims to align financial goals with societal and environmental responsibilities, setting new standards for responsible investment.
WAD Capital handpicks visionary leaders committed to sustainable and technological growth, ensuring alignment with our strategic objectives through a rigorous selection process.
Our unique approach to Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA), focusing on European SMEs, and leveraging technological and data analytics expertise distinguishes us in the market.
We specialise in acquiring businesses from retiring owners, ensuring a smooth transition and continued growth, thus securing the legacy of these enterprises.
We focus on micro-cap SMEs in Europe with an EBITDA between €1-5 million, particularly in sectors poised for growth due to macroeconomic trends.
By investing in and growing SMEs, WAD Capital plays a crucial role in bolstering the European economy, creating jobs, and fostering innovation.
Our primary focus is on the European market, where we identify SMEs that present significant growth and value creation opportunities.
We employ a tech-enabled approach, utilising data analytics and AI to refine our investment decisions and enhance the performance of our portfolio companies.
Our investment criteria include a focus on SMEs with strong growth potential, solid EBITDA margins, and the capacity for technological advancement.
Interested entrepreneurs go through a detailed recruitment process, starting with a pool of candidates and culminating in a selection of CEOs aligned with our vision.
We provide a systematic strategy for seamless leadership transition in SMEs, ensuring continuity and stability during the ownership change.
Our acquisition strategy is centred on identifying high-potential firms, conducting thorough due diligence, and ensuring a strategic fit with our investment goals.
Sustainability is integral to our investment approach, and we incorporate ESG principles through our CARE-PROFIT model to drive responsible growth.
We target a 35% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for our investments, focusing on creating value through strategic acquisitions and growth initiatives.